4 Ways One-On-One Personal Training Digs You Out of a Fitness Rut

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How Personal Training Digs You Out of a Rut
A female personal trainer corrects the push-up form of her male client

Picture this: It’s a Monday after work, you’ve come home, and all you want to do is lay on the couch and spend the evening relaxing. You also know you should probably do a 30-minute workout video beforehand. Your gumption to replay one of the many fitness videos you’ve done before just isn’t there, so you pass. 

You’re in what we like to call a fitness rut. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Your workouts feel repetitive, you aren’t motivated to try a new exercise, and you can’t remember that blissful feeling of an endorphin rush either. 

Enter: one-on-one personal training, the solution to your fitness woes. 

Different from all the other forms of fitness out there, one-on-one personal training provides you with a customized fitness experience that caters to your goals, schedule, and personal needs. It’s the reboot we all need when we're stuck in a fitness rut. 

When you work with a certified personal trainer, all you have to do is show up to the sessions because they will do the rest. Your personal trainer designs a program that keeps you motivated to keep coming back, time and time again. They’ll not only get you excited to be in the gym or working out at home, but also change your perspective on nutrition, health, weight loss, and what fitness means. 

We asked six personal trainers about how one-on-one personal training can dig you out of a fitness rut, and here's what they had to say.

What Are the Benefits of One-On-One Personal Training?

When you walk into a group gym class, the instructor is focused on the needs of the class, not just one individual. One-on-one fitness coaching is, “better directed towards personalizing goals and growth,” says Yari Breunig, coach, mom, and two-time American Ninja Warrior. “I help [my clients] measure their progress in ways that truly matter to their long-term success,” says Breunig. 

This can mean anything from weight loss to training for a marathon to reconnecting with the joy of working out. When you work with a personal trainer, every session is about you and reaching your goals together.

Personal trainers also hold you accountable during your workouts. 

“You can’t slack off in a session like you could in a class with a lot of people or at home by yourself,” shares Sarah Sanders, personal trainer, nutritionist, and founder of the Thyroid Trainer. The focus is 100% on you. Maybe that sounds intimidating, but it actually means that you’ll have better workouts. 

“Your trainer will help you avoid injuries by correcting form and making sure the exercises are executed properly,” says Sanders. 

The best personal trainers motivate their clients in ways that empower them. “People need another person to push them,” Nicholas Mazza, certified personal trainer who trains clients with Kickoff. “A personal trainer motivates, inspires and hopefully gets you to want to learn more about fitness.” 

After all, if you’re passionate about your fitness journey, you’ll be more likely to commit to it. 

The Different Types of One-On-One Personal Training

Location, time zones, and accessibility are no longer blockers when it comes to working with a personal trainer. No matter where you live or what your schedule is like, there’s a form of one-on-one personal training out there for you. Here are some of the options.

In-Person Personal Training

In-person personal training involves a trainer working with their client at a gym, fitness center, or outdoor park. Meeting face-to-face: “allows the trainer to get extremely detailed when it comes to exercise form, customizing workouts, and progressing or regressing strength exercises,” shars Karina Inkster, vegan health and fitness coach who has a master’s degree in gerontology. 

Group Personal Training

If you’re concerned about cost, pair up with a partner or look into group personal training. “Partner personal training can be a less expensive and excellent option,” says Kathleen Trotter, personal trainer, life and nutrition coach. This way, you can split the cost with a friend or family member, treat each group session as an opportunity to catch up, and hold each other accountable for showing up every time. 

Online Personal Training

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes fitting in a workout is difficult. Online personal training makes this easier. Whether it’s from the comfort of your home, at a gym, or while away on travel, online personal training makes it easy to squeeze in a workout, no matter where in the world you may be. 

Chandel Stallworth, NASM and ACE-certified personal trainer and NCPT certified Pilates teacher, offers in-person and virtual Pilates training packages and private Pilates classes. “A good personal trainer can help you achieve your goals using either in-person or virtual training,” says Stallworth.  

In-Home Personal Training

You may be surprised to learn that one-on-one personal training can be done from the comfort of your home! For this type of personal training, a trainer will come to your home and lead you through customized workouts in a space where you feel comfortable. It’s all the benefits of in-person personal training with the added bonus of never having to leave your house.

Online Personal Training With a Nutritionist

Fitness and nutrition go hand and hand, which is why this form of one-on-one personal training has become so popular. During these sessions, a trainer creates workouts and a nutrition plan specifically for each client, Inkster shares. It’s a holistic approach that considers your daily lifestyle, habits, exercise, and what you eat as opposed to laser-focusing on workouts. 

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost?

The cost of a personal trainer can vary based on location, trainer experience, and form of personal training. If you opt for online personal training or a group session, rates tend to be cheaper than in-person or in-house personal training. 

The industry average for a 30-minute session is anywhere between $25–$75; for a 60-minute session, the rate can range from $50–$150. The cost can vary based on your location and the personal trainer's experience. With Kickoff, you pay $95 a month and can complete as many workouts a week as you and your trainer agree will help you meet your fitness goals.