Online Personal Training Is Worth The Investment & Here’s 4 Reasons Why

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Online Personal Training Is Worth The Investment & Here’s 4 Reasons Why
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In 2022, you can order groceries directly to your door, use an app to go on dates, and stream any TV show you want with the click of a button, so why shouldn’t you be able to work out virtually? Gone are the days of traditional workouts and the idea that personal training has to be done in person to be effective. Working out should be something you look forward to and enjoy — and you should be able to do it anytime and anywhere. 

That’s why we’re making the case that online personal training is the new and improved way to work out.

Personal training has, for many years, been seen as the optimal way to exercise. There’s a reason celebrities brag about the benefits of their personal training sessions. Working with a personal trainer means you get a fitness routine catered specifically to you. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your fitness routine, research shows that working with a personal trainer keeps you accountable and motivated to achieve your fitness goals

Today you don’t even have to leave your home to work with a personal trainer. Online personal training is a new frontier with benefits even in-person training doesn’t have. To learn more, we talked to four personal trainers who shared how online personal training works and why online personal training can be just as effective — and even better than — in-person training.

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

An online personal training session can vary depending on the client's needs. However, a typical online personal training session will go as follows, shared Brett Durney, co-founder and personal trainer at Fitness Lab

  • Start with a brief of the last couple of days, including sleep and nutrition. 

  • Perform a 5- to 10-minute warm-up that includes mobility work.

  • Begin a 30- to 40-minute main session, based on the goals and fitness level of the client. An example: 8–12 strength/resistance-based exercises. End with 5–10 minutes of a cardio interval finisher. 

  • Cool down for 5–10 minutes. 

  • Conclude with a debrief and goal-setting or homework for the next session. 

An online personal training session, while always catered to the client, is very similar to what happens in an in-person session; but, there are some benefits even in-person training can’t compete with.

The Benefits of Online Personal Training vs. In-Person Training

One of the main reasons people opt for online personal training over in-person training is the flexibility, shares Terri Lincoln, a certified personal trainer who trains clients with Kickoff. They shared how online personal training allows you to contact your clients daily, which helps build rapport and trust. When you book an in-person training session, you’re strictly paying for that one session. But online personal training allows for the flexibility of contacting your personal trainer through an app or text whenever you want. 

Convenience rules the online personal training roost. Michael Jones, a certified personal trainer, movement and mobility specialist, as well as author, discussed how traveling to and from a gym and trying to book a session in a trainer's already busy schedule can be a hassle you don’t need. When sessions are online, you can work out whenever and wherever you want. While some people enjoy the distraction-free set time that comes with an in-person training session, for others, the convenience of working with a trainer online may be more beneficial.

Both styles of training include customized workout plans and provide consistent motivation to stick with your fitness goals. When you decide to work with a personal trainer, you’re investing in yourself, shares Allan Misner, a certified personal trainer and host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast. While there are many ways to access free online fitness resources, deciding to work with a trainer is an important step that shows you’re committed to your health and want to stick with it, he says. 

Research supports the benefits of a catered fitness plan and how these types of sessions are more motivational. It provides a routine that’s catered specifically to your age, health goals, ability, and fitness level — something an online workout video cannot do. 

Lastly, one of the most beneficial reasons people choose online training over in-person is the cost. In most cases, paying for a personal trainer virtually through an app or other system will be less expensive than paying for an in-person session. 

The three main factors that go into the cost of a personal trainer are their location and their experience and skill level. Personal trainers located in major cities such as New York or Los Angeles are priced higher than in smaller cities. The range can be anywhere from $40/hour to $250/hour, shares Misner. 

The benefit of working with a trainer online is that you don’t have to live in the same city, so your options are far more extensive. 

What to Know Before Starting Online Personal Training

One of the biggest myths about online personal training is that it isn’t as effective as in-person training. Yet all four certified personal trainers we spoke to shared how online training is just as effective, if not more effective than in-person training. Terri Lincoln says it’s easier to motivate clients in online sessions because they reach out to them daily. Having a consistent reminder to stick with your fitness goals and a space to ask questions allows you to prioritize personal training. 

It’s also important to remember one-on-one personal training means every session is catered specifically to you and your fitness goals. This means if you plan on doing sessions in your home and don’t have much equipment, that’s completely fine. The trainer will cater the sessions to what you have access to, even if it’s no equipment and just using your own body weight. 

Online personal training is definitely worth the investment — finding the right trainer for you makes it worthwhile. Find someone who suits your price range, suits your personality, motivates you, listens to you, and can work within the parameters of your life. Get started today with a certified online personal trainer through Kickoff. After all, your fitness journey should be something you look forward to and enjoy.