Nikki Lost 52 Pounds With Short Workouts & Without a Major Diet Overhaul


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Nikki Smith profile
Nikki Smith profile

Nikki tried every fad diet and trendy exercise plan under the sun to get fit. After struggling to lose weight and stay in shape with a never-ending loop of unsustainable fitness programs, she found Kickoff. 

With a consistent, personalized workout routine, help with healthier eating habits, and old-fashioned grit, Nikki went from 218 pounds to 166 pounds in just 14 months working with Jesse, her certified personal trainer. What’s more, she got stronger, built stamina, and found the balance she needed to prioritize her health with a nearly impossible schedule. 

Here’s how she did it. 

She Started With a Reality Check 

As Nikki tried to get fit, she realized she was lacking in two major categories: time and accountability. “I have too much going on with my job, and every time I try to work out or try my own program, I don't stick with it. So I need someone, obviously, to keep me on track,” explains Nikki. 

She knew that her “gym-rat” days were behind her and she didn’t have the time to commit to the meal-prep container madness of the nutrition programs she found online. Here comes the real MVP, Nikki’s Kickoff personal trainer. 

She Found the Perfect Trainer 

Jesse expressed love for the band Queen on her Kickoff profile page, and this caught Nikki’s eye. But it was Jesse’s approach that sealed the deal. 

“When we first talked, I was quite nervous and a little ashamed of my weight, but she made everything super comfy and right off the bat, we got along,” shares Nikki. 

Nikki said that finding the right coach was her biggest key to success. A good match is so important — and with Kickoff, if you don’t find the perfect fit from the beginning, you can always request to be matched with another trainer at any time. 

“My coach and this program literally changed my life. It hasn't been easy and it's not a quick fix but the slow process is healthy and life sustaining. There were so many times I wanted to give up but my coach kept me accountable and didn't let me give up.”

In their initial conversation, Jesse got up to speed on Nikki’s goals, what has and hasn’t worked for her in the past, her eating habits, and what her daily routine looks like. She also started Nikki on logging her food to get the full picture of what kinds of foods she gravitated toward. 

She Didn’t Have to Overhaul Her Diet 

“She didn’t actually set me up with a food plan, and I liked that. [Jesse] more so taught me about nutrition,” explains Nikki. They discussed at length what foods Nikki liked and didn’t until they found their groove with both healthy substitutions and adding more nutritious foods to her diet. 

“I never feel restricted; I just make better choices.”

Jesse’s first suggestion: more protein! To Nikki, it was obvious that healthy eating included fruits and veggies, but she struggled to fit enough protein in her meals. Jesse gave her pointers on how to get more protein in her meals and on-the-go snacks. In Nikki’s food logs in the Kickoff app, Jesse leaves notes every day with suggestions on how to make meals better with zero shaming involved. 

The main reason this new approach worked while all others failed is Nikki didn’t need to change everything about the way she ate. Most people don’t have hours in a day to spend measuring every portion and counting every calorie — Nikki doesn’t either. 

She Started With Easy Workouts

Nikki Smith success story
Nikki Smith success story

Jesse started Nikki out with planned workouts only two days per week, then gradually bumped the frequency up to five days per week with optional workouts on the weekends. Nikki’s personalized routine allowed her the flexibility to do quick workouts when she could find the time on her busiest days.

“I have very busy days on Mondays and Fridays at work, so {Jesse] gives me very short ones because I actually do them on my lunch,” says Nikki. The workouts got progressively more difficult as Nikki got stronger, and Jesse checked in often to gauge how each workout felt. 

All that said, boredom started creeping up. 

When it Got Boring, She Spoke Up 

“It got to the point where I got really bored, and [Jesse was] doing her best and I felt bad. Then I finally just vocalized it and now my workouts are not the same every week at all, and it’s so cool,” shares Nikki. 

To fix the problem, Jesse incorporated dance videos, lifting weights, and wireless jump rope routines. Boredom is a serious motivation killer, and keeping things fresh helped Nikki stay consistent and fight the urge to quit. It also helps to have a stellar trainer who really listens!  

If you’re sick of the quick-fix promises you find with traditional fitness programs, get yourself a coach who’ll be in it for the long haul with you. Sustainable fitness routines require accountability, encouragement, and slow progress. Trust Nikki; it’s worth it.