This Guy Stopped the Lose-Gain Cycle and Is On His Way to Losing 60 Pounds

A Kickoff success story

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Third Time’s the Charm for Jeremy to Lose 50 Pounds for Good
A before and after shot of Kickoff client Jeremy Garret, who has lost 25 pounds so far.

Throughout the majority of his life, Jeremy has been overweight. Over the course of years, he lost 50 pounds twice, but gained it back twice. This time, something feels different. 

Jeremy Garret is 41, and lives in Georgia with his wife and 17-year-old daughter. He found Kickoff in mid-2022 and immediately clicked with his personal trainer, Christina. 

When Jeremy first started his journey to find a personal trainer, he thought he’d want to work with someone local. He assumed that the best benefits came with face-to-face interaction. But, after discovering Kickoff, he’s found a new way to work out — one that works for his schedule, family, and abilities. 

After filling out a short survey online, Jeremy heard from Christina. They shared a few emails back and forth, and then set up time for a video call, where Jeremy and his wife got to meet Christina and talk about his goals. Christina’s energy and passion for fitness gave Jeremy the confidence that he could do this. He knew that Christina would be right there with him on every step of this journey. And, he could tell she truly wanted to help him reach his goals. 

Jeremy came to Kickoff looking to lose 60 pounds and gain muscle. After three months of hard work, he’s down 25 pounds and has no plans to stop. In addition to his weight loss, Jeremy has noticed compounding effects on his life, work, and family. He works long shifts at his job and he’s found that Christina’s workouts have helped him increase his stamina. He feels stronger and has more energy, even in the last hour of his shift. 

While he’s lost weight before, something about this time feels different. 

Jeremy loves that Christina chooses his workouts for him and helps him decide when it’s time to level up in weight or increase the workout difficulty. With Jeremy’s work schedule of three days of 12-hour shifts and four days off, he only does workouts on his off days. 

When Jeremy started his journey working with a personal trainer, he assumed he would have to work out in a gym. Christina showed him that with a little creativity and a few pieces of equipment, he could work out at home. Christina mixes things up with weight training and running. When Jeremy has a question about an exercise, Christina is just a text away with an answer.

When Jeremy started working with Christina, he wasn’t able to do a sit-up without placing his feet underneath something. Now, he can do a sit-up unassisted. In fact, he can do quite a few. Christina has also taught him how to work out with weights. In the past, Jeremy lost weight by running regularly, but with Christina’s help, he’s added something new to his repertoire. 

Jeremy found that using the food journal in the Kickoff app has kept him accountable for his food choices. And, it’s nice to know someone else is there to review it with him. His biggest nutritional takeaway includes cutting the amount of sugar he eats. 

Through Kickoff, he’s learned how many foods have added sugar and how carbs turn into sugar in his body. This knowledge led him to reduce the amount of sugar he eats. Jeremy also added avocados and olive oil to his diet as healthy fats. One of his favorite meals is a mushroom omelet with a side salad of romaine hearts. 

Even when the workouts get tough or Jeremy isn’t feeling up to it, he knows that Christina is there and has his back. When he feels like giving up, he remembers that Christina would never give up on him and that inspires him to invest in himself. Her encouragement and daily check-ins keep him taking one step forward on his health journey every day.