Best Home Workout Equipment Recommendations

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Home Workout Equipment
You don't need to break the bank to create a versatile home gym -- no matter your fitness level.

In a time when our many daily activities have changed or in some cases come to a halt, it’s likely that we’re not able to hit our workouts like we used to be able to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to continue to progress. There are a variety of affordable workout equipment options out there to help us create just as effective results at home as we might in the gym. Here are some items you might want to consider to up your home workout game — whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started.

1. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the more cost-efficient ways to go. These can be used to accomplish both upper- and lower-body workouts while also engaging the core along the way. They are exceptional for pulling and pushing motions, as well as providing extra resistance for lower body movements like squats and lateral walks. They typically come in different levels of resistance; those levels are usually light, medium, heavy. You’ll also sometimes see an extra light or extra heavy options as well; but oftentimes the medium or light amount of resistance is a good place to start. The nice part about using bands is that the resistance can be easily adjusted by either allowing for more slack or putting more tension on the bands. 

One of our favorites: SPRI Resistance Bands - From $23.95

2. Yoga mats

Another great piece that you should consider using during your home workouts is a yoga mat. Don’t be fooled by the name, these mats are used for much more than just yoga! They simply help make sure that you’re more comfortable when you’re on the ground doing your core exercises. Exercises like crunches, torso rotations, lying leg raises, and planks are much more comfortable to do when utilizing a yoga mat. Yoga mats often come in different thickness levels, so you can decide which level of thickness is best for you. A half inch of thickness is usually sufficient. 

One of our favorites: BalanceForm GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat - $15.99

3. Kettlebells

These can be utilized for a variety of lower- and upper-body exercises, while also keeping your core engaged throughout. You can purchase these individually or as part of a package; although we recommend purchasing them in a package because you’ll most likely need a different weight amount for your upper body movements as compared to your lower body movements. 

One of our favorites: Kettlebell Set - $72.99

4. Stability Ball

Stability balls are also a great way to give your workouts a boost. They provide ways to both challenge you more in your workout, as well as offer support or assistance when needed. They are great for core exercises, but can also be added to any upper- or lower-body workout. There are different sizes recommended depending on your specific height, so ensuring you have the right size for you is important. The stability balls linked below do have a chart associated with them so you can find the appropriate size for you. 

One of our favorites: Stability Ball - $19.81

5. Pullup bars

For some people, pullups are an essential part of their upper body workouts. There are actually some great pullup bars out there that you can use by simply using a doorway in your home. Pullups are not going to be part of everyone’s workout, and that’s totally okay! But if they are a part of your workout, keeping up on them is important. 

One of our favorites: Doorway Pullup Bar.  - $26.69

Hopefully after reading this, you feel better about your workouts from home and the equipment options you have available to you at a relatively low cost. A common assumption people make is that workouts from home can’t be as effective as in the gym. However, if you have the right equipment and an exercise program that is prepared specifically for you, reaching your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home can be accomplished.