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We don’t have coaches in Rhode Island yet. Train remote instead!
Kickoff is growing fast but we’ve still got some blind spots. Good news is, we can still help you hit your fitness goals with 1 on 1 remote personal training.

How it works

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Get matched with the right coach

Because what works for everyone is different. You need someone you click with.

  • Get paired with a coach with the best style & specialties for you
  • Start with a consultation so you know it's a fit
  • Change coaches anytime
Custom Workouts

Do workouts designed just for you

Because the best workouts are the ones you'll actually do. Your coach will build workouts to fit:

  • Your goals
  • Your body & injuries
  • Your schedule & favorite activities
Personalized Nutrition

Improve your nutrition with expert guidance

Because sustainable improvements to nutrition drive life-changing benefits, your coach will:

  • Start with diagnostics to understand what's working and what can improve
  • Provide ongoing feedback and resources to get 1% better day after day
  • Help you adopt easy swaps, recipes, and habits to drive sustained results

Stay motivated with daily support

Because life happens. When it does, your coach has your back.

  • Get daily guidance from your coach via text message
  • Receive feedback about your form with photos and videos
  • Add video sessions to work out live with your coach, if you'd like
Hear from real people training with Kickoff

Actually motivates you

It's awesome to have somebody that takes what you have to say and provides feedback in a way that doesn't make you feel bad about yourself but actually motivates you!

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Jerett P.
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Way more accountability than an app

My trainer held me accountable, pushed me to get my workouts in, and stick to nutrition goals, things that other fitness apps lack.

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Lauren G.
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Working with a human is a game changer

I love working with a HUMAN instead of some app notification...It's a game changer for me and I never regret it.

Jerry S.
Product Hunt

The best way to train

This is the best way to train if you have goals you want to reach and don’t have the ability to shell out $$$$ every month for an in-person trainer.

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Alex L
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I feel more confident every day

I feel more confident every day about achieving my goals knowing that I have someone supporting my journey towards a healthier life!

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Michael D
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Experience has been phenomenal

I have never left a review before but I feel very strongly about this app and my trainer. My experience with Kickoff has been phenomenal!

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Love cake
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Things would always come up. Kickoff changed that.

I was tired of feeling like I just couldn't get to the gym, eat right, or get to my goals. Things would always come up... Kickoff has changed that.

Francisco G.
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Loving the results

My personal trainer is there whenever I need him or have questions. The daily checkins keep me accountable and am loving the results!

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Kemp J.
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Makes fitness simple

Kickoff makes fitness so simple. I have always been willing to put the time and effort in but struggled with staying consistent. The support from a qualified coach made all the difference.

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