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Meet Coach Tony


  • Rehabilitation
  • Triathlons
  • Losing fat
  • Toning muscle
  • Building Muscle
  • Racing & Endurance
  • Overall Health
  • Glute Specialist
  • Foam Rolling
  • Mobility
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • TRX
  • Resistance
  • Kettlebell
  • Free Weights


  • ISSA Certified
  • ISSA Fitness Coach
  • ISSA Glute Specialist
  • Action Advanced Nutrition
Train with Coach Tony

Meet Coach Tony

My Mission

I am a diligent hard worker who found his purpose in helping others reach their fitness goals later in life. It was while helping my younger sister train for the fitness exam to join the Navy, that I realized my full potential. I am a holistic health and wellness coach who finds joy when helping others discover and unlock the best versions of themselves. I fully devoted myself to understanding the five facets of fitness: Exercise, Recovery, Nutrition, Mindset and Sleep. I discovered within myself a desire and passion to understand how to best train my clients from this holistic approach. It is through this dedication in bettering myself that I can fully show up to be the best coach you've ever had!

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso.

Tony's mantra

Why Tony

Why Train With Me

In my experience people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I've been a trainer for over 6 years and focus on more than just the traditional methods of health and fitness. I have great interpersonal communication skills and a very high client retention rate. I hold a speciality Glute certificatin and can help anybody no matter the age, level or inability.

Coach Action
Coach Body
About Tony

Getting To Know Me

  • My go-to workout
    I train functionally targeting the whole body as if it were a machine working to achieve max results
  • Healthy food I love
    Brown Rice with Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Salmon, Seeds & Nuts, Spinach, Berries, Dairy Free
  • Healthy food I hate
    Sardines, Collard Greens, Chard
About Tony

A Little More About Me

  • Favorite workout music
    EDM, BassBoosted, Popular Remixes, 90's-2000's, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock
  • What people are most surprised to learn about me
    I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 rule, I enjoy diary free ice cream and gluten & dairy free pizza.
Coach Humanizing
We'll work together to transform your fitness

How it works

Kickoff Call

Start with a phone consultation with Tony

Because real fitness results start with a real relationship.

  • Share your goals and challenges
  • Discuss how you'd work together to reach them
  • Learn more about what training would look like for you
Custom Workouts

Do workouts designed just for you

Because the best workouts are the ones you'll actually do. Tony will build workouts to fit:

  • Your goals
  • Your body & injuries
  • Your schedule & favorite activities
Personalized Nutrition

Improve your nutrition with Tony's input

Because sustainable improvements to nutrition drive life-changing benefits, Tony will:

  • Start with diagnostics to understand what's working and what can improve
  • Provide ongoing feedback and resources to get 1% better day after day
  • Help you adopt easy swaps, recipes, and habits to drive sustained results

Stay motivated with daily support from Tony

Because life happens. When it does, Tony has your back.

  • Get daily guidance via text message
  • Receive feedback about your form with photos and videos
  • Ask questions anytime

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Personalized Workouts
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