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Meet Coach Jonathon


  • Rehabilitation
  • Triathlons
  • Marathons
  • Losing fat
  • Toning muscle
  • Building Muscle
  • Racing & Endurance
  • Overall Health


  • NASM Certified
  • Precision Nutrition

Meet Coach Jonathon

My Mission

I'd like to welcome you to Gale Force One Fitness, "Where it's Mind Over Matter All Day, Every Day"! Here are GF1 "We Rise, We Grind, and We FLY together". I'll be your captain on this journey and I'm eager to build a solid community around teamwork, hard work, accountability, and support. We'll work together to Excell in Cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Free Weights, Super Sets, Stability Training and everything inbetween. My goal is to create an individually curated road map for my clients to reach their respective fitness goals. All are welcome to board this journey with us as long as you can commit to being Consistent, Honest about your Goals and Shortcomings, Respectful and Supportive to our other passengers, and over all in it to win it! I've been a iFit trainer since 2005, where I've been able to created one of a kind workout experiences for our members ALL over the globe and in the studio. I'm excited to welcome you aboard Gale Force 1, The Sky's The Limit!

You are your most challenging competitor. If you can conquer yourself, you can conquer anything!

Jonathon's mantra

Why Jonathon

Why Train With Me

My training style and intensity are very unique and have produced proven results for thousands of our iFit members across the globe. I bring a level of detail and intensity into my workouts that would be difficult to achieve alone. I will be joining you along your fitness journey to add expertise and accountability. This is a truly a "done for you" training platform to help you take the guesswork out of achieving your fitness goals.

Coach Action
Coach Body
About Jonathon

Getting To Know Me

  • My go-to workout
    I primarily focus on Super Set, HIIT Training. With & Without weights, including Treadmill Running.
  • Healthy food I love
    I love Chicken, Avocadoes, Leafy Greens. A minimal amount of red meat, and plenty of fish!
  • Healthy food I hate
    I'm not a huge fan of Tomatoes or Mushrooms although they're both great for you. Just not my jam!
About Jonathon

A Little More About Me

  • Favorite workout music
    I prefer to workout to Dub Step and Hip Hop when I excercise. I DO love some Classic Rock as well!
  • What people are most surprised to learn about me
    I'm also a musician and I've got album coming out this year!
Coach Humanizing
We'll work together to transform your fitness

How it works

Kickoff Call

Start with a phone consultation with Jonathon

Because real fitness results start with a real relationship.

  • Share your goals and challenges
  • Discuss how you'd work together to reach them
  • Learn more about what training would look like for you
Custom Workouts

Do workouts designed just for you

Because the best workouts are the ones you'll actually do. Jonathon will build workouts to fit:

  • Your goals
  • Your body & injuries
  • Your schedule & favorite activities
Personalized Nutrition

Improve your nutrition with Jonathon's input

Because sustainable improvements to nutrition drive life-changing benefits, Jonathon will:

  • Start with diagnostics to understand what's working and what can improve
  • Provide ongoing feedback and resources to get 1% better day after day
  • Help you adopt easy swaps, recipes, and habits to drive sustained results

Stay motivated with daily support from Jonathon

Because life happens. When it does, Jonathon has your back.

  • Get daily guidance via text message
  • Receive feedback about your form with photos and videos
  • Ask questions anytime

Personal training starting at just $2 a day

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Kickoff Program
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Personalized Workouts
Daily feedback & guidance from your certified coach
Personalized nutrition coaching at no extra cost
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