Meet Coach Heather

4.7out of 5


  • Prenatal/postpartum
  • Rehabilitation
  • Marathons
  • Losing fat
  • Toning muscle
  • Building Muscle
  • Racing & Endurance
  • Overall Health


  • NASM Certified
  • Kinesiology degree
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • NASM Certified Exercise Correction Specialist
  • NASM Group Exercise Trainer
Train with Coach Heather

Meet Coach Heather

My Mission

My mission is to help women to find alignment with their mind, body, spirit and nutrition. Weight loss means nothing if you are still beating yourself up. I show my clients a proven process of setting realistic goals and realistic expectations to drive top notch results that last. I have seen the effects of crash diets and intense exercise to lose weight, only to lose motivation, a love for life, energy and their metabolism. I myself struggle with PCOS and anxiety and know the effects these can have on a women's health. This along with an ACL surgery grew my passion to help women even more. Life happens. If we are not healthy - the road to recovery and regaining our strength is quite difficult. I am driven to help people break chains of unhealthy habits that they may or may not have been learned on their own. This chain breaking behavior changes not only my clients lives, but their families lives and those around them.

In order to change anything, you will first have to change something

Heather's mantra

Why Heather

Why Train With Me

I have over 20 years of personal training and nutrition coaching experience and train you at YOUR level. There is no need to feel like you need to be perfect. Progress, sustainability and motivation will keep you moving forward! I coach the whole person from the inside out. Starting with loving yourself enough right now to make the small changes necessary to live a long healthy life. No crazy restrictions or supplements are needed.

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Coach Body
About Heather

Getting To Know Me

  • My go-to workout
    Pick just one?! Running is first followed by kickboxing.
  • Healthy food I love
    Riced cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, eggs, apples are a few of my go to's.
  • Healthy food I hate
    I'm not a fan of Brussel sprouts. They actually aren't a fan of mine either!
About Heather

A Little More About Me

  • Favorite workout music
    I like to switch up my music often but it's got to be up tempo.
  • What people are most surprised to learn about me
    I am an adventure junkie! I love sky diving, snowboarding, roller coasters and all things thrill!
Coach Humanizing
4.7out of 5
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We'll work together to transform your fitness

How it works

Kickoff Call

Start with a phone consultation with Heather

Because real fitness results start with a real relationship.

  • Share your goals and challenges
  • Discuss how you'd work together to reach them
  • Learn more about what training would look like for you
Custom Workouts

Do workouts designed just for you

Because the best workouts are the ones you'll actually do. Heather will build workouts to fit:

  • Your goals
  • Your body & injuries
  • Your schedule & favorite activities
Personalized Nutrition

Improve your nutrition with Heather's input

Because sustainable improvements to nutrition drive life-changing benefits, Heather will:

  • Start with diagnostics to understand what's working and what can improve
  • Provide ongoing feedback and resources to get 1% better day after day
  • Help you adopt easy swaps, recipes, and habits to drive sustained results

Stay motivated with daily support from Heather

Because life happens. When it does, Heather has your back.

  • Get daily guidance via text message
  • Receive feedback about your form with photos and videos
  • Ask questions anytime

Personal training starting at just $8 a day

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Kickoff Program
$8/ day
Personalized Workouts
Daily feedback & guidance from your certified coach
Personalized nutrition coaching at no extra cost
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