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  • Losing fat
  • Toning muscle
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  • Overall Health


  • ISSA Certified
  • Precision Nutrition
  • ISSA Master Trainer
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Meet Coach David

My Mission

I believe that through true, deep health we discover our true potential. Changing your lifestyle can be so daunting and unreachable at times. I started with not knowing how to overcome insecurities, my thoughts were unsure. Then I decided to get out of my own way, climb my mountains, and develop habits to make doing hard things seem easier - I now help others do the same! Once you decide to climb your mountains, each stride becomes easier and your vision is seen as attainable. So through compassion, growth and understanding, my purpose is to help others with busy lives conquer their health and fitness achievements. I assist with developing more self awareness and promote lasting impact and change for our future selves and the world we want to help lead!

“Things don’t have to change the world to be important” -Steve Jobs

David's mantra

Why David

Why Train With Me

In order to accomplish your goals, you need a guide. Preferably a guide that is unique to you and only you. My philosophy is simple in that I am a guide for others who already see where they want to go. I help make things easy to understand, nudge them in the right direction according to their vision, and keep them going through accountability on their way to success!

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About David

Getting To Know Me

  • My go-to workout
    I LOVE my compounds lifts. Squats, Deadlifts, Dips, Overhead Press, and getting stronger!!
  • Healthy food I love
    I’m a balanced plant based eater - with healthy colorful veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and the like!
  • Healthy food I hate
    None! I like to try and incorporate as much “healthy” foods as I can ;)
About David

A Little More About Me

  • Favorite workout music
    Hip Hop or EDM - anything inspiring!
  • What people are most surprised to learn about me
    Most people don’t believe me that I can get enough protein eating plant based - think again! :-)
Coach Humanizing
4.6out of 5
108 reviews (from verified clients on Kickoff)
What a great experience!! I was on the fence a bit with the private trainer thing, but David been an excellent guide through it all. Doing the work, putting your feedback in, and getting better has almost made me understand why people love working out! (Almost) in all seriousness, I've gone from the occasional bike ride on the weekends to bodyweights and barbells weekly. I don't stress about what's the best exercise, the right way to do something, or even fighting to get out of bed... I wake up, and work out. It's that simple, love it!
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We'll work together to transform your fitness

How it works

Kickoff Call

Start with a phone consultation with David

Because real fitness results start with a real relationship.

  • Share your goals and challenges
  • Discuss how you'd work together to reach them
  • Learn more about what training would look like for you
Custom Workouts

Do workouts designed just for you

Because the best workouts are the ones you'll actually do. David will build workouts to fit:

  • Your goals
  • Your body & injuries
  • Your schedule & favorite activities
Personalized Nutrition

Improve your nutrition with David's input

Because sustainable improvements to nutrition drive life-changing benefits, David will:

  • Start with diagnostics to understand what's working and what can improve
  • Provide ongoing feedback and resources to get 1% better day after day
  • Help you adopt easy swaps, recipes, and habits to drive sustained results

Stay motivated with daily support from David

Because life happens. When it does, David has your back.

  • Get daily guidance via text message
  • Receive feedback about your form with photos and videos
  • Ask questions anytime

Personal training starting at just $8 a day

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Personalized Workouts
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