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Running isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth the ole college try if you’re looking to lose weight

In a long term study, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that running was significantly more effective than many other forms of exercise at improving body composition.

Although there are infinite paths to shredding fat, Kickoff recommends that weight loss focused clients give it a try. Nothing else burns fat so efficiently or conveniently. In 30 minutes, you can complete a serious workout that pushes you closer to your goal. That 30 minute workout raises your metabolism for the next day and helps you sleep better at night, which further improves metabolism.

Pairing a strong running program with resistance training yields the best of both worlds, as the increased muscle mass from weight lifting burns up more calories around the clock as well. Combining it further with high intensity interval training (HIIT) takes you a step further by driving more acute exertion and training your body to recover. This combined approach has worked well for many Kickoff clients, though of course everyone is different so we encourage you to try a variety of strategies and stick with what you enjoy and that feels good.

It can be very hard to get into running, but after only a month or two it becomes significantly easier, and the rewards are well worth the toil.

 Most find they quickly become addicted to the endorphins and reflection time that running affords.

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