Working from home doesn't have to mean being sedentaryWorking from home doesn't have to mean being sedentary

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Get Fit During Your Remote Work Day: Working (Out) From Home

When you're working from home it’s easy to sleep in, eat cold leftover pizza for breakfast, and stay warm and cozy on the sofa - ignoring any thoughts of movement until you’re ready for your post-work workout. But the truth is, a thirty minute workout just doesn’t make up for an entire day of sitting - and it shouldn't have to. 

With this total body Work(out) at Home Challenge, you can improve your endurance, get stronger, learn new moves, and connect mind and body - all in a day’s work.

Wake Up - 10 Push Ups

Rise and shine and bang out ten push ups before you hit the shower.

Check Your Phone - Calf Raises

Calf raises are a great exercise to do while reading and responding to the day’s first round of correspondence.

Coffee Prep - Jumping Jacks

Get in a quick round of jumping jacks while your morning cup is brewing. Make sure to land quietly and exhale when your arms go up over your head. The extra blood pumping wakes you up even more!

Arrive at Your Work Space - Bodyweight Squats

Sit down but stand right back up. You just completed your first bodyweight squat.  Do fourteen more and then you can start your work day.

Check Your Email - Seated Knee Raises

While seated at your desk or table, perform seated knee raises. Establish a comfortable pace that allows you to read while you lift one knee, and then the other up towards your chest.

Break Time - Side Leg Lifts and Jogging in Place

Make sure to give yourself a mid-morning break. Stand up and energize yourself with side leg lifts at your desk or table. Holding a chair for support, stand up tall, keep your abdominals tight, and lift your right leg out to the side fifteen times. Now do the left leg. Follow that up with thirty seconds of jogging in place.  

Meetings - Work the Glutes

While you need to project an air of professionalism during video chats and conferences, you can still maximize your workout time by adding in quietly performed exercises at your desk. Start with glute tightening which is self explanatory: tighten your buttocks and hold that position.  Relax, and do it again 14 more times or until the call ends. 

Lunch - Stairs or Walk

If you have stairs, go use them!  Run up and then run down. If you have an outside space, go take a ten-minute walk.

Projects, Deadlines, Focus - Stretching 

By late in the day you’ve been hard at work and sitting is starting to take its toll. A few stretches will help release tension and cap off your Work(out) at Home Challenge. To release the lower back and hamstrings, put your right heel on the desk or table. Push the chair back so that your leg is straight. Sit up straight and hinge forward until you feel a gentle stretch in the back of your leg. Flex your foot and then point your toe, holding for fifteen seconds. Switch legs and repeat. 

Next, sit up straight and shrug your shoulders to your ears fifteen times. Facing forward, let your head drop gently to the side so that your right ear is touching your right shoulder, holding for fifteen seconds. Relax and repeat on the left side to give your neck some relief. Lastly, from your straight back position, try to touch your shoulder blades together. Hold for fifteen seconds, then relax and finish your work day.  

Working some or all of these ideas into each at home work day ensures that your body stays activated, even if you never get more than 100 yards from your bed.