Summer is ComingSummer is Coming

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How to drop the COVID-19 (lbs)

It’s now officially spring, which means Summer Is Coming. And with vaccinations on the rise, it’s looking like the world will return to (sort of) normal just in time for you to show off that sculpted physique you’ve chiseled out while on lockdown!

Wait, what’s that? You haven’t been staying on top of your game? Join the club... 76% of Americans have gained weight during the pandemic. 

Summer is Coming

One of the many challenges of Covid was the abrupt change to day-to-day schedules. People began working from home, if they had work at all, in many cases joined by their kids. Gyms, recreation centers and parks closed, curbing exercise routines. Stress levels skyrocketed, with baking, eating and drinking becoming major outlets and means of reward. Studies show a link between high stress levels and overeating.

Overcoming these powerful external forces is super hard and requires a proper support network. Thankfully there are these people called personal trainers, who do just that! A good trainer will motivate you to set big goals, help you build healthy habits, and hold you accountable to stay on track. 

  • If you're motivated by positive reinforcement... Your trainer will design a program with small rewards along the way to reinforce your progress.

  • If you're motivated by being held accountable... Your trainer is your accountability partner. They’ll check in with you daily to keep you on track. 

  • If you're motivated by progress... Your trainer will break your long-term goals into smaller goals, and make these smaller goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (learn more about setting SMART goals).

Ready to get started? Share a bit about what kind of trainer you're looking for and we'll find the right fit for you!